Who are we?

We are a young team from the south of Germany who were simply tired of always having to choose between well-fitting gym accessories suitable for optimal performance OR a good price.

We simply wanted to own gym accessories that both looked really stylish and were suitable for maximal strength attempts, bodybuilding, cross-training or intense HIT sessions.

How did BIOMORPH come about?

Since we simply couldn't find what we were looking for on the market and many of the formerly cool brands either went out of business or moved more and more away from the classic fitness athlete, towards mass sports, we set out to realize our vision of the perfect gym accessories ourselves.

What are our goals with BIOMORPH?

Short and sweet - we want to create the best combination of performance and style in gym accessories possible. We want to build the best products, no matter how much work and sweat it costs us, to finally be able to offer YOU the stylish gym accessories that WE ourselves have been looking for for years! 

Neither comfort, fit, fabric performance or freedom of movement should suffer, but be raised to a new level.