Wrist Wrap & Lifting Straps Bundle (Black-Blue)

€19,95 €25,95

✔ MEHR POWER & STABILITÄT - Schmerzen im Handgelenk vermeiden und schneller mehr Gewichte stemmen oder ziehen! Mit den Wrist Wraps & Lifting Straps erhältst du verlässliche Markenprodukte für Dein Krafttraining. Die Bandagen und Zughilfen bieten erstklassige Stabilität, Halt und angenehme Entlastung für deine Handgelenke.

✔ ROBUST UND LANGLEBIG - Vermeide Produkte, die Dich nicht optimal unterstützen! Unser hochwertiger Industrie-Klettverschluss, die verstärkten Nähte und unsere saubere Verarbeitung macht die Handgelenkstützen sehr strapazierfähig und zuverlässig. Zusätzlich haben wir eine spezielle Außenfläche, welche das Ausfransen verhindert.

✔ SCHNELL UND FLEXIBEL - Vermeide langes Anlegen Deiner Bandagen oder Zughilfen durch unnötiges Anprobieren! Unsere dezente Links-Rechts-Kennzeichnung ermöglicht schnelles und unkompliziertes Anlegen während des Sports. Die Festigkeit der Bandagen ist flexibel einstellbar und ermöglicht eine Einheitsgröße für Frauen und Männer.

✔ PREMIUM QUALITÄT - Verhindere, dass minderwertige Produkte Dich am perfekten Training hindern! Die Bandagen von BIOMORPH sind aus hochwertiger Baumwolle, die ein angenehmes Gefühl auf Deiner Haut garantiert. Das 3D-Logo macht die Bandagen zum coolen Accessoire. Die Bandagen werden im Zipper-Bag mit Anleitung und Tipps geliefert

✔ SORGENLOS UND RISIKOFREI - Deine Zufriedenheit hat für uns allerhöchste Priorität! Unser deutscher 24/7 Kundensupport kümmert sich direkt um Dein Anliegen! Deshalb kauf bei uns völlig sorgenfrei und komplett ohne Risiko! Worauf wartest Du noch? Bestelle jetzt Dein BIOMORPH Bandagen & Zughilfen Bundle noch zum EINFÜHRUNGSPREIS.

Do I have a guarantee?
Absolutely - You have a risk-free 50-day money back guarantee with us - No ifs, ands or buts. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, we will refund your entire purchase price. We are only satisfied if you are and we have 100% confidence in our products.


How fast do I get my product?
If the product is in stock, we ship the same day of your order to you. Usually it is then after only 1-2 days (Germany) or 2-3 days (EU) with you.
If you place a pre-order, the shipping takes as long as indicated above the shopping cart button.


Where can I enter my discount code?
If you have a discount code you will find in the check-out the possibility to apply it. Just look for the field "coupon code".

Who are we?

We are a young team from the south of Germany who were simply tired of always having to choose between well-fitting gym accessories suitable for optimal performance OR a good price.

We simply wanted to own gym accessories that both looked really stylish and were suitable for maximal strength attempts, bodybuilding, cross-training or intense HIT sessions.

How did BIOMORPH come about?

Since we simply couldn't find what we were looking for on the market and many of the formerly cool brands either went out of business or moved more and more away from the classic fitness athlete, towards mass sports, we set out to realize our vision of the perfect gym accessories ourselves.

What are our goals with BIOMORPH?

Short and sweet - we want to create the best combination of performance and style in gym accessories possible. We want to build the best products, no matter how much work and sweat it costs us, to finally be able to offer YOU the stylish gym accessories that WE ourselves have been looking for for years! 

Neither comfort, fit, fabric performance or freedom of movement should suffer, but be raised to a new level.

✔ MORE POWER & STABILITY - Avoid wrist pain and lift or pull more weights faster! With the Wrist Wraps & Lifting Straps you get reliable brand products for your strength training. The wraps and pulling straps provide premium stability, support and comfortable relief for your wrists.

✔ ROBUST AND DURABLE - Avoid products that don't provide you with optimal support! Our high quality industrial Velcro closure, reinforced stitching and clean finish makes the wrist supports very durable and reliable. In addition, we have a special outer surface that prevents fraying.

✔ FAST AND FLEXIBLE - Avoid putting on your supports or traction aids for a long time by trying them on unnecessarily! Our discreet left-right marking allows fast and uncomplicated donning during sports. The strength of the bandages is flexibly adjustable and allows one size fits all for men and women.


✔ PREMIUM QUALITY - Prevent inferior products from preventing you from perfect workout! BIOMORPH wrip wraps are made of high quality cotton, which guarantees a comfortable feeling on your skin. The 3D logo makes the bandages a cool accessory. The bandages come in a zipper bag with instructions and tips


✔ worry-free and risk-free - Your satisfaction is our top priority! Our German 24/7 customer support takes care of your concerns directly! Therefore, buy from us completely worry-free and completely without risk!

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